About us
Inna Dmitrieva
It's just that if someone hadtold me ten years ago I'd organize art projects, invite strangers, greet them, escort, take care… I would've laughed. I worked for years on the State TV as a journalist. My life was from broadcast to broadcast and I only had one wish… to find a private place for sleeping in the evening and not to talk to anyone. I always thought that could get old and die of a heart attack because I didn't have time to finish my TV program… One day I wrote a letter of resignation at my own request. I didn't want to leave my favorite profession but I couldn't march under new banners… When I left the gates of TV station I felt… uncomfortable. Well, what to do now? What do I want to do? How can I imagine myself in 10 years?
Step by step I started to build my new life. At first I decided to learn painting, asked for some advice of my friends – artists, I took lessons online, even went to art-school in Barcelona. Then it turned out language training is real fun… Spanish, Italian, French… I lived in Florence, made new friends from different countries. With my husband we traveled in Italy, Spain, France…

Two years ago we found one place where we wanted to stay. So now we have a little white house by Alicante. During my first year I rendered my new habitance aggressively, planted flowers and roses, couldn't stop looking at my first lemons and tangerines, made new friends in my neighborhood, traveled around… But it didn't happen to enjoy the quiet pensioner's life. Thus, the idea of art projects was born. If I don't want to leave my favorite place where there is no winter then I have to invite interesting and creative people here… warm up and paint. There are a lot of persons in the world which I would like to meet and the whole life is not enough to learn everything I want… paint, work with clay, take pictures, write stories… Is it greed? Maybe… but it's so cool!
Larisa Mikheeva
Since childhood I have dreamed of being a TV journalist. I graduated from the University and got a job at the State TV in Kuzbass. I had shooting every day, live broadcasts, deadlines - the rhythm was frenzied, and I was so happy .. But one day I fell in love with a military man and left with him for a military settlement. 20 houses only… The nearest store was in 30 kilometers away. Right now I feel it wasn't with me. Not to get mad I started to study online, graduated from a Photo school, learned to collect computers, install software… When it became completely boring, I went to the Officers' Club as a mass-entertainer - I sang, danced, staged performances, so I was doing fun... Only 5 years later my husband's contract was over and we returned to Kemerovo. I started from the very beginning.
I came back to TV again. For a couple of years it was really cool, new TV projects, a cool team, my work almost without days off. As usual… for idea, not for money ... I became the author of one of a popular investigation program, then I became the head of the TV. After a while I became very cramped and bored. I switched to Internet projects. After resigning once again I understood that I did not want to return. My passion is the mountains! I had my first trip only when I was 24 years. The husband, as a former military man, couldn't travel abroad for another 5 years after the contract was over. And we began to travel around Russia - Sochi, Abkhazia, Gorny Altai, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Crimea ... By car and on foot. My legs got terrible calluses.

I bought an expensive professional camera to shoot stars at night ... And recently I have discovered amazing Spain! This is only the beginning ... Our project for me is an opportunity to realize all my plans and dreams. And every day I feel free and happy!
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