At this strange time the life is going online gradually. To be honest, there is not enough live human communication. Nobody was able to arrive to the Moscow ARTLIFE FEST 2020 from different countries, where the paintings of Anna Berezovskaya were presented. But then we have the opportunity to conduct a virtual tour together with the author of the paintings.
I really love listen to what people say about my paintings. I stand some distance away and don't interfere with a conversation. They have their own interpretations of my paintings, completely unexpected for me. In fact, talking about my painting, a person always talks about himself.
I presented four paintings to the Festival of Contemporary Art. They are different, and each of them is self-sufficient. The ironic "Christmas Star", the slightly sad "There is my homeland", the philosophical "Memories of the Future" and "Birthday Together" - about love and loneliness. Each artist had to submit four paintings and it seemed to me that these paintings best tell me. I can laugh, I can muse, I can feel sad ...

canvas / oil, 100 х 100 cm


"Memories of the Future" is a story about faith, about hope. Three mermaids in a boat. And only dried up earth is around. The sea is gone. The last water remained only in the boat. And the mermaids listen in the shell to the sound of this bygone sea. They listen, believe and wait for the sea to return. This picture is a reminder that everything happens in our life, both difficulties and changes. And you just need to be patient, wait and believe that everything will return to its place. If you look closely, you will see a small piece of blue sea behind the mountains. It comes back. So the mermaids will wait.
Mermaids have beads and handbags. War is war, and a girl always remains a girl ... Little lizards crawl on the ground. Green leaves are breaking through the cracked dry ground. And also the dung beetle rolls the ball. I read somewhere that there are beetle eggs hidden inside this ball. And this is a new life. They push the globe. And life goes on.
canvas / oil, 100 х 150 CM


The idea of the picture was born from the famous phrase of Saint-Exupéry: "To love is not to look at one another. To love is to look together in the same direction. " They say that very little is needed to be happy. A small island and a person who shares your views. These two have such a small island - a little happiness. And a little cake ...
The island symbolizes privacy. Around the island of stars. And angler fish also look at the stars. They have such terrible toothy mouths. This is also a metaphor. There is a cozy little world, but outside of it there is always danger ... Life is never simple ...
See how the shoes stand. A woman's shoe is on a man's shoe. It is clear who is in charge in the family ...
Probably, sometimes everyone wants to have a place where you can hide, escape from the whole world ... This one is about me too. ] And I have such an "island" ... My personal history and the wonderful phrase of Exupéry have formed like puzzles. And this is the picture.
canvas / oil, 100 х 150 cm


"Christmas star or the third supper." Or, as my husband says, "night eater». There are philosophical pictures, there are sad ones, and there are ironic ones. This is a picture about me and about us women. As soon as night falls, the light from the refrigerator beckons and calls us. I would like to get something tasty ... Although, this picture is not only about our weakness. It is also about self-irony - after all, you can laugh at yourself ... How you treat your weaknesses, so you live. You can be strict with yourself, and you can sometimes go and eat something without remorse ...
Why a Christmas star? This picture is also about the mood before Christmas. Winter night city and starfall ... There is a dressed up Christmas tree, Nutcracker, stars on the kitchen stove, winter city ... If you look closely, you will see Santa Claus walking along one of the streets with gifts ... And the house is full of goodies, fridge. And a New Year's story is depicted on her dress. This is about me and about the expectation of a Christmas tale.
We would like to thank the organizers and PR-service of ARTLIFE FEST 2020 for the provided photos.
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