Art tour toVenice and Verona
with Igor Dubovoy

7 to 13 October 2019
1 550 Euro
Single room
A plein air in Venice is the dream of any artist. This city is amazing, gorgeous and shabby. It looks like an aging beauty who living in the past and the modern life is of no interest to it. Nothing is changing here. Graceful black gondolas glide along narrow channels. The phone does not catch the Internet in the complex maze of the streets. The cloths hung up to dry on long ropes ... Everything as it was many centuries ago - bridges, cathedrals, palaces, squares, canals and streets that have retained their charm.

We will not hurry, run around the tourist attractions choosing subjects for painting. Venice begins and ends where you are. It is everywhere. We will try to feel this city, to see what our guide, native Venetian Marco, will share with us.
Igor Dubovoy
I was born and live in Moscow. I take a great interest in painting since childhood, although I never received an artistic education. I studied everything myself. Recently, almost all my time I devote to what I really like - painting. I paint in oils and watercolors, conduct master classes, participate in watercolor exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 2017, following the results of the exhibition, my work was selected for the Fabriano watercolor museum.

Arts of Igor Dubovoy

What we have to take for master class
Paper 100% cotton, 300 g / m cold pressed, grain fin, maximum sheet size 38x56 cm
I prefer SaundersWaterford
Simple pencil H, HB
Masking fluid
Water tank
The tablet
Folding chair
Paints Neva palette White nights
My palette consists of the following colors
Gray Payne
Lac blue
Cobalt blue
Lilac quinacridon
Emerald Greens
Chrome Oxide
Cadmium red light
Kraplak red light
Burnt bone
Burnt siena
Siena natur
Burnt umber
Iron oxide light red
Orange varnish
Cadmium orange
Golden dark
Yellow ocher
Cadmium yellow medium
Lemon cadmium
50 mm flautz better from a goat, but you can also have another
Squirrel round № 6-8
Columns 3–4
Synthetic or column number 1 (I prefer synthetic)
Brush with long nap-liner №1 any
Synthetics with hard pile number 2
It's minimum. But brushes, as you know, a lot does not happen
What have we time to do

  • Discover the city and feel the atmosphere of the ancient city with our guide native Venetian.
  • See the Street of Assassins, Bridge of Women's Breasts, Square of the Dead, Devil's Bridge, Paradise Bridges and Bridge of a Decent Woman.
  • Take a walk on St. Mark's Square, one of the most beautiful squares in the world.
  • Paint some works under the strict guidance of Igor Dubovy.
  • See Venice at night from the water sailing along the Grand Canal.
  • Look into the workshop where the gondolas are made.
  • Go to the most romantic city in Italy - Verona.
  • Admire the colorful houses of the famous island of Burano.
  • Enjoy the most delicious Venetian ice cream.
  • Get used to starting the evening with an aperitif and Cicchetti as true Italians.

Schedule day by day

7-13 October 2019
Monday, October, 7
Arrival, accommodation in the hotel.
Dinner, meet, discuss plans.
October, 8
8.00 Breakfast.
10.00 City tour with our Venetian guide.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Plein Air in Venice.
20.00 Dinner in a cafe.
October, 9
8.00 Breakfast.
9.00 Plein Air in Venice.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Plein Air in Venice.
18.00 Excursion by boat, see the night Venice.
19.00 Dinner like Italians - a walk through the bars.
October, 10
8.00 Breakfast.
9.00 Go to Verona.
10.00 City tour.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Plein Air in the city.
18.00 Dinner.
19.00 Return to Venice.
October, 11
8.00 Breakfast.
9.00 Plein Air in Venice.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Plein Air in Venice.
19.00 Dinner.
October, 12
8.00 Breakfast at the hotel.
9.00 Go to the island of Burano.
10.00 Plein Air.
13.00 Lunch.
14.00 Plein Air.
19.00 Final dinner and discussion of works.
October, 14
9.00 Breakfast.
20.00 We fly to home.
Weather in Venice
Venice weather in October is cooler than previous months as autumn is well underway. Temperatures are mild and generally stay in the high-teens during the day with mild humidity levels throughout the month. The region enjoys a subtropical climate with long, hot summers and wet, cold winters. Autumn is often one of the best times to visit Venice because it's not too hot and temperatures are still very mild and agreeable. Winds blow in from the north and northeast and can cause temperatures to fall at night, which can be quite cold and is definitely jacket weather. The average temperature is a pleasant 18°C at midday that begins to lower in the evening to around 9°C. The average sea temperature is a mild 20°C with an average humidity of 60%. It rains on ten days of the month, but you'll still get to enjoy up to 11 hours of daily sunshine.
The price is
1 550 Euro per persona
What is included?
Проезд к местам пленэров и обратно.
Проживание в одноместном номере с завтраком.
5 пленэров
Каждый пленэр длительностью 6-8 часов. Материалы для творчества нужно привезти с собой.
Завтраки, ланчи и ужины. Экскурсии, указанные в расписании.
What is included?
Travel by minibus to the plein air and back.
Single room. Breakfast included.
5 plein air
Each plein air lasts 6-8 hours.
Materials are not included.
Breakfasts in the hotels, lunches & suppers according in the schedule. Excursions, according in the schedule.
We can help
To make the best route and
to buy the cheapest tickets.
Prepayment – 700 Euro.

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