"Follow after Monet"
with Slava Korolenkov

art tour

May 7 - May 14, 2019
1550 Eu per person
Single room
The group is complete
We'll follow in the footsteps of the great Claude Monet from the Le Musée de l'Orangerie and Musée Marmottan-Monetthrough Giverny and Rouen to the famous Étretat. Slava Korolenkov can examine any brushstrokes master. We'll have master class in Paris and the next day we go to our trip – Giverny – Rouen – Étretat - Paris.

What we are going to paint?

says Slava Korolenkov
We'll live in Paris in the Montparnasse area. In Giverny we'll spend the night in a country hotel. In Rouen we'll stay at a hotel near the Cathedral. We have transfer on a minibus.

Slava Korolenkov says:
"If you are fascinated by Claude Monet's painting as much as I do, you have to follow to his way with the sketchbook. I really want you and me to be imbued with the atmosphere of these amazing places and began to write as powerfully as the great French artist wrote."
"Don't think about what you see in front of you - about the tree, the house, the field, anything. Just think this is a small blue square, there is a pink figure, and continue do it until you have an impression of the picture that is before your eyes "- Monet advised young artists.

Arts of Slava Korolenkov

What we have to take for master class
Titanium White
Bone black
Cadmium yellow lemon or Strontium
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium red light
Cadmium red dark
Alizarin crimsonpink durable
Alizarin crimson violet
Burnt Umra or Van Dyck
Caputmortum or Thioindigo red-brown
Shinazar Red
Red Ochre
Gold Ochre or Sienna
Ochre Yellow
Royal Blue
Cobalt Violet
Cobalt Blue or spectral
Phthalocyanine Blue
Emerald Green
Chromium Oxide
Anything yellow-green
Bristle and sintetic brushes
Bristles large sizes - 25 mm and less
Round and flat synthetic brushes
Paint thinner for oil preferably odorless
Small canvas
The maximum 12 / 16` (31 * 41 sm)
Tripod or sketchpad
Garbage bags and paper towels
Umbrella for a tripod
Portable cassette for wet works
What have we time to do

  • See the famous paintings of the great impressionist in the Le Musée de l'Orangerie and Musée Marmottan-Monet.
  • Paint the legendary Notre-Dame de Paris in the master class under the leadership of Vyacheslav Korolenkov.
  • Visit the famous pink house with green shutters and the artist's drawing room. And, of course, the famous garden, the famous bridge, the famous water lilies!
  • Pass along the road of the Impressionists Paris-Giverny-Rouen-Etretat.
  • Enjoy art picnics with fresh French baguette, soft cheese and homemade wine surrounded by pastoral French landscapes.
  • Try to see the Rouen Cathedral like Monet and paint it.
  • Breathe the smell of the sea and paint the majestic arches of Etretat.
  • And we'll never be the same!

Schedule day by day

7 - 14 May 2019
May 7, Tuesday
Arrival, accommodation in the hotel in the Montparnasse area. In the evening we will walk along Paris, have dinner in a cafe, get acquainted and discuss plans.
May 8, Wednesday
One day at the museum - Le Musée de l'Orangerie and Musée d'Orsay and Musée Marmottan-Monet.
May 9, Thursday
Master class in Paris. We will paint Notre Dame de Paris.
May 10, Friday
In the morning we go to Giverny. An excursion to the Monet's house and master class with a picnic. Dinner in Giverny.
May 11, Saturday
Master class and picnic in Giverny. We paint a pastoral village landscape. In the evening we go to Rouen. Supper in the restaurant.
May 12, Sunday
Master class with a picnic in Rouen. We will paint the famous Rouen Cathedral. We spend the night in Rouen.
May 13, Monday
At 9.00 we go to Etretat and paint the famos cliff. A picnic with a view at Etretat. Final supper in Rouen.
May 14, Tuesday
Early morning we go to Paris.
The weather in France
May this is the time when everything blooms and smells in France. Cherry blossom, apple, magnolia, almonds, peonies, daffodils, roses blossom ... Everything is filled with bright colors and floral scents. May is one of the best time for trips and picnics in the parks. The tourist season is just beginning. The temperature is about 15-18 degrees.
The price is
1 550 Eu per persona
What is included?
Airport – hotel.
Travel by minibus to the plein air and back.
Single room. Breakfast included.
5 plein air
Each plein air lasts 6 hours with a picnic.
Materials not included.
Breakfasts in the hotels, picnics & suppers according in the schedule. Excursions & entrance tickets to all the museums.
We can help
To make the best route and
to buy the cheapest tickets.
Prepayment – 500 Euro.

10 seats only!

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