Paititng a woman figure in pastel

master class from the famous
Spanish artist
In my master class you and me will draw a wonderful portrait of a girl. You will understand the principles of writing a human figure in contour. And then you will be able to draw your own paintings. I am sure that you'll do your best!
German Arasil, artist
German Arasil, a famous Spanish painter. He was born in Alicante. In 1985 he began to study at the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia, Spain. Arasil's first solo exhibition took place in his hometown of Alicante, followed in 1990 by exhibitions in New York, Miami, USA. Subsequently, German Arasil exhibited his works with great success in Spain, Portugal, Japan, Germany, France, South America and the USA.

Now he is on friendly terms with many famous people - actors, pop stars, matadors, football players, journalists. Even Placido Domingo has his paintings.

German paints with pastel portraits in a realistic style. His works are filled with the energy of life and bright colors, lightness and the sun of his beloved Spain.
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The master class is a video tutorial with detailed comments by the artist. We will work according to the reference selected by German. This is a photo of a model facing the light. The contrasted figure is a distinctive feature of German Arasil's paintings. The contour gives great opportunities for working with chiaroscuro. A similar technique in the visual arts allows you to convey the clarity of the contours of the figure, and the play of light and shade gives the image a special drama and mystery.
Photo of the model
final work
The master class is divided into 4 stages
Lesson duration - 2 hours 20 minutes
Stage 1
Our work begins with a picture of the head of a girl standing against the light. The contrasted figure is a distinctive feature of German Arasil's paintings. We will paint the hair, the ribbon and flowers.
Stage 2
We begin to draw the back and arms. First, we'll paint in the dark areas, and then move on to the light and sunlit details.
Stage 3
We are moving on to the dress and the yellow shawl, which is very popular in Spain. This is a fabric of very bright colors with expressive colorful embroidery. It is not easy to draw it. But together with Herman we'll be able to paint it.
Stage 4
The final stage. Here German will show you how to complete the painting with the finishing touches and create the background in accordance with the overall harmony of the work.
List of required materials
1. Foam board 5 mm gray. Size 75 x 50 cm.
2. The surface of the foam board is pre-primed with Schmincke Acrylic Pastel Primer N 503. Waterproof after dry.
3. In his work, Herman used pastel pencils Caran d'Ache, STABILO, Conté à Paris of the following articles and colors:
4. REMBRANDT soft pastels. Items and colors are shown below.
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