A Perfect Guide for the First Time Watercolor Artwork Buyer

Paintings are considered as the most integral part of home decoration, especially watercolor paintings. Watercolor artworks are considered as a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions, emotions, and bright feelings. The term watercolor describes both the medium and the art form. It is a delicate art form which requires an extremely skilled hand seasoned by techniques of wash and glaze. If you are looking to buy original watercolor artwork for your home, it can feel like an endeavor into the unknown. You might feel like you're breaking into a club you don't belong in. Well, don't fear because you're not alone.

What every collector should know about buying watercolor artwork?
Where can you find it?

Okay, so the very first thing to know about buying a watercolor painting is to find a perfect place from where you can buy it. There are plenty of platforms where you can buy it. You can buy it from an art fair, gallery, exhibition, or online art gallery. In this increasingly digital world, art is no longer just something to experience in a three-dimensional space. Artists and galleries are now seriously exploring the online platform and for that reason buying art online has really improved in recent years. You can now easily find quality work from a great unknown artist you may not have found otherwise. There are many different online art galleries like SaatchiArt, FineAmerica, People and Paintings and more where you can get the best watercolor artwork.
    Get to know the price range

    Every single watercolor painting has its own price. Watercolor arts comes at different prices from $100 to $1,00,000 or more. For example, this 'Iris No 28' painting costs $125 while this 'Barberry' costs $97,100 USD.

    You can also see a huge price difference between the two paintings from the same artist. For example, two different paintings from the same artist Igor Dubovoy has different prices. Painting 'Storm' costs $2500 while painting 'Morning Silence' costs $250.
      Understand the price difference

      Watercolor artwork is very popular nowadays, and therefore we are here to solve the mystery of pricing in watercolor paintings. The price of an artwork is often broadly based on the following criteria.

      1. Size of the watercolor painting: Smaller watercolor artwork requires fewer materials and less time to complete. For this particular reason, smaller watercolor arts are priced lower than larger watercolor arts when made of comparable materials.

      2. Cost of watercolor, brushes and other materials: Watercolors, canvas, and brushes are not free. Artists always consider the cost of materials while pricing his/her art. For example, if the frame, canvas, watercolor, and other materials cost $150. The amount will surely be added to the final price. So if the price is $1000, the final price will - $1000 + $150 = $1150

      3. No of hours spent on the watercolor painting: The pricing of watercolor painting also based on the number of hours artists spend on the art. It depends on how much time did the artist spend working on the watercolor masterpiece, and how much should the artist be paid per hour. If the artist spends 30 hours for the painting and considers $10 per hour, the final price will include +$300.

      4. Comparable artworks: There is no comparison between two artists but sometimes the price of the watercolor painting depends on the similar work by the different artist.

      5. Artist's emotions: After investing so much time, creativity and emotions, it's easy to get attached. Sometimes the price of the art is based on the artist's emotions.

      Having said that there are quite a few other things are being considered for example the size of artist's market, overall quality etc. and each watercolor painting is closely evaluated by experts before offering in a public auction. Hence even when we call them simple paintings, they are indeed special because of the process that went into making it what it is worth.
      Get to know the artists

      If you don't get the chance to meet the artist in person, read up. Many galleries such as Uprise and People And Paintings now offer artist profiles online. Read up on the people who produced your art and get a glimpse into their creative world. Getting to know the artist that made your art helps you to understand the content of the work and the context around the piece itself.

      Trust your instructs

      It can be tempting to think as a new watercolor artwork buyer that you should make a safe choice and go for something which is popular. What's important to remember is that you're open to having your own interpretations and opinions and ultimately you shouldn't feel awkward about what you're willing to spend. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about your taste.

      In the end, look for something you love, make sure you're paying a fair price and just keep a few simple practicalities in the back of your mind. We buy watercolor artwork for the long-term so it makes sense to choose something that YOU are going to enjoy looking at almost every day.

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