Bato Dugarzhapov

Painting is a Feeling

I had only an hour for my decision to go to the village of Kriushkino. It takes 3 hours from Moscow, near by Pereslavl-Zalessky. Bato and Irina had just returned from Sevastopol plein airs. They were planning to go there for the weekend and can pick me up. They didn't even unpack your suitcases. Bato lives like he paints - fast and unpredictably. Perpetum mobile with brushes. Of course, I always wanted to know what's he really like? And also I would like to see the fairy-tale house, the favorite Bato's cat and the lake landscapes. Irina told about it with a special light in her eyes....
So, two days with Irina and Bato.

XXIII Sevastopol academic plein air

Plein-airs in Sevastopol took placed more than 20 years. There is a permanent friends - artists company. Not everyone came this year because of the pandemic. There were three weeks of open air every day from morning to evening. Artists painted South coast of Crimea, German beam, Chersonesos and streets of Sevastopol.
This story began in 1998. Artist Anatoly Sukhorukov gathered artists together for open airs. Step by step more and more people joined them. Three years later, the artists turned to the hotel "Ukraine" with a proposal to organize plein together. The hotel supported the idea and didn't regret it. This year there was 23 plein-airs.
In General, painting is a feeling, so we have to sort of separate. We don't see the color, we feel the sensation. It is the strongest thing, the sensation, it extends 180 degrees
Bato Dugarzhapov
Used photos from Irina Mitrikova's account. For more details on how the plein air was held, see the wonderful film by Alexander Votsmush.

Inna Dmitrieva
Alicante, Spain, 07/11/2020
...I was always frightened by Bato. I've been wanting to meet him for a long time. I asked his friends and students who attended his master classes. Usually they said: "Well, he's a complicated man." Irina was the first person who said: "He is the kindest person I know! " I thought, maybe he is kind to his family, but not to the others? We met twice at exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But I didn't have a chance to talk calmly. There was always a crowd of people around. They wanted to say hello, to talk, to drink with him. And as soon as I had the opportunity, I immediately asked for a visit. And now I have my own opinion. He is neither kind nor wicked. He is on his own. Like ... a Buryat cat. He smiles slyly and dissolves somewhere in the distance....

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